Thursday, August 04, 2005

Eau de Everything

So along with an affinity for different shades of lipstick, I also love things that make me smell good. For as long as I can remember, I have been very girly that way. If I had been a young girl in this age where as a 10 year old I can walk into Bath and Body Works and find an entire line of products devoted entirely to me, I would probably still be paying it off.

The first perfume I ever used was the ubiquitous Love's Baby Soft back in the 70's. It wasn't even mine, it was my sister's. I don't think anyone who has smelled Love's Baby Soft will ever forget it. What adolescent girl doesn't dream of smelling like cloyingly sweet baby powder? But it was all I had, and I was grateful to wear it whenever I got the chance, which was basically whenever my sister wasn't home to catch me using it.

My first real fragrance was one called Red, made by Giorgio of Beverly Hills. It was a horrifically sophisticated perfume for the 9th grader that I was when I bought it. I used it for quite a while, and my parents never seemed to object. Then I moved on to Obsession, along with the millions of other people who wore it in the 80's. I also fell in love with Poison, and I have owned it many times. I tend to gravitate towards deeper scents, although many exceptions have been made.

I like to change my scent according to the season. I don't like wearing Coconut lotion in the winter, it just doesn't make sense to me. I currently have about 6 different body lotions, ranging from Freesia (my least favorite) to Plumeria (the current winner). I don't usually do the scented soaps or gels, they just don't last as long. Yes, I know you are supposed to "layer" the scent, but on a regular day just give me soap and I'm good. I have 7 different perfumes. Perfumes are where I really go to town, and I love expensive perfume. I don't know if it is my inner snob, but the cheaper ones just don't seem to last as long. I have two Chanels, two different Escadas, a couple from L'Occitane, and one Donna Karan. Luckily for me, my family likes to indulge my addiction for birthdays and such, or else I wouldn't have any of them.

I have never really had a "signature" scent that I have worn for years and years. My maternal grandmother always wore Chanel No. 5, and whenever I smell it, I think of her. For the longest time, after her death, her room still faintly carried its scent. Most likely it was still on some of her clothes or scarves, which no one could bear to get rid of for a while. Even as frail as she was in her final years, she loved putting on her perfume.

I must have gotten my love of smelling nice from her, which is not too bad of a legacy, if you ask me.


Karla said...

Oh my...I think I still have a full CK bottle of Obsession that I just can't bear to spritz. It's so strong.

I've worn Clinique's Happy for years and years now, although dolce and gabbana have a perfume that I'm itching to buy.

I love body creams too. My most recent craze has been whipped body cream that smells like cake! It's so yummy!

blueyedtracy said...

I should really be sleeping right now, but I just took a stroll down perfume-memory lane in reading your post! Let's see . . my first one was Jessica McClintock, then "Lauren" by Ralph Lauren. Then it was the one that Bennetton had. (I think it was called Bennetton?) The the Liz Claiborne one - Liz?? -the bottle was shaped like a triangle (my powers of recollection are limited by my lack of sleep). Sometime later it was Calyx by Prescriptives, and then for a long time 360 degrees by Perry Ellis - kind of obscure but oh so light and clean smelling. I would still wear it now, but it was discontinued. Next was Flirt by Prescriptives, but that one was discontinued too! For a very short time, Clinique's Happy did the trick until I found Philosophy's Grace. It just smells like clean soap. When I want to smell a little more 'flowery' I use Jade Flower by Stila.

I have two younger sisters, and all through high school (we're about a year apart) we each went through our own individual scent ownership time . . .but with completely different brands. My mom must have gagged every morning with the amount of perfume we three girls had on as we got ready for school.

Cuppa said...

Sounds like a great legacy to me. I love to smell good too.

I wear Estee Lauder in the winter, but during summer I slather on the Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter and smell delicious. Even if I do say so myself.

Just like your grandmother had a signature scent, my Aunt Elsie did too. She always used Chantilly perfume, and now when I catch a whiff of the fragrance my aunt is right there beside me.

My very first perfume was called "Evening in Paris". I can still see that deep blue bottle and remember how grown up it felt to have my very own perfume sitting on my dressing table.

Ah, sweet memories. Thanks for bringing them all to mind this morning.

Anvilcloud said...
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Anvilcloud said...

It doesn't make much scents to me.

Heather said...

I think I had some of the Love's Baby Soft too!

I hardly ever wear perfume anymore though. I have three bottles that have probably sat on my shelf for 15 years by now. I have a sensitive nose and often end up sneezing if I sniff too much perfume.

I know what you mean about associating smells with people. My grandma used to use Jergens hand lotion all the time and every time I sniff it, I think of her. And my dad always wore Old Spice to church. I still have one of his old bottles that I can't bear to part with.

WordsRock said...

Ah perfume! I also adore wearing it and smelling good, although I'm not such a scent snob as you. :)

Obsession might be from the 80s, but it's what Wendy currently uses. How I adore that scent!


Christi said...

This is completely off of the subject, but didn't you used to have a picture here? I thought it was something like a leg, or something like that....