Saturday, July 16, 2005

Too Hip Now

So I just loaded up my new iPod today. I am so hip and with it now that I can't stand myself. Actually, I was fumbling around with it for a while, as it is the really cheap one that has no screen to tell you what the heck it is doing. It just has different colors that pop up to indicate the status. Or don't, in my case.

I am listening to it as I write, and I am beginning to think that I won't be able to do that anymore, because three times now I have stopped writing to rock out to a song. That is the big pitfall of the iPod, in that all the songs loaded onto it are presumably your favorite songs, thus you should constantly be rocking out. You should be passing out from the rocking out, you have so many good songs in a row.

Music affects me. Greatly. If I am having a bad day and a really good song comes on, my mood is lifted. In my former athletic days, I would put on the headphones to my walkman and listen to music that would energize me. When I am doing chores, the music has got to be good, as well as very loud. The louder the better. I get so caught up in the songs that before I know it, voila, my floors are mopped and I had a good time doing it. It is a little scary, now that I think about it, how susceptible I am to music. Hubba-hubba is now going to start using it to his advantage. If he was smart, that is.

Luckily Hubba-hubba and I have the same taste in music, although mine is a teeny bit broader. He is coming around nicely, though, I have great taste. It is good to have the same presets in both cars, as well as not having to argue over what radio station should be on. If he listened to rap or something as his primary music, I think I would have to permanently implant little speakers in his ears, because I truly can't stand most of it. Hey, I might be onto the wave of the future with that one.

Lately I have been giving up my music for the likes of Raffi and Disney and Here Come the ABC's. I think I like Raffi the best. He is very environmentally conscious, and he slips very "green party" things into his songs. Hubba-hubba almost choked on his water when he listened to the lyrics of one song that promotes solar and wind power as energy sources. He just found it funny that something like that would be in a children's song, but apparently Raffi thinks the earlier you start them, the better. His songs are so catchy that I find myself humming them when I am brushing my teeth. Now that is power.

I loaded up this iPod with very fast songs with a good beat in order to work out to them. We'll see if the prospect of some great music can motivate me to get off my butt and back to the gym. Gotta go, I LOVE this song...


Anvilcloud said...

We must be the only people on the planet without an iPod. I had a Sony MiniDisc player for a while. It worked well, but I passed it on to my daughter, thinking that she would get more use out of it. I'd like an iPod, but I don't need one ... but I'd like one anyway. You may wish to upload instrumental music for working at the keyboard, however.

Cuppa said...

Rock on sister!

What would we do without music? It lifts me up, calms me down,soothes my soul, and keeps me going. Amazing how one thing can do all that, but it does.

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

You have GREAT taste in music? You?
I so don't believe that. What are you listening to right now? Don't tell me, let me guess...

Can you hear the drums Fernando?
You were passed out on your ass and we were trying to wake you up.
In your drunken state Fernando
You were humming to yourself and tracing figures in the air
I could hear the distant sirens And sounds of the police swat team coming from afar

They were closer now Fernando
Yet you still insisted on downing the Jello shots they brought to us that night
I was so afraid Fernando
We were old and trying to drink like we were 25 again
And I’m not ashamed to say
I can't drink 8 Long Island Ice Teas and 3 Margaritas and 5 beers and still make it to the bathroom so I can pee.

There was something in my drink that night
There were two bartenders, Fernando
They were serving drinks for me and you for you and me Fernando
Though I never thought that we would puke
There’s no regret
If I had to drink the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

Gina said...

Nope, its "Take a Chance."

But, if "Fernando" had lyrics like that, I might have put it on.

Elizabeth, my friend, shouldn't you be deviling some eggs or mashing potatoes? Or better yet, attempting to row your car back to your house?

Suzanne said...

My husband bought an iPod a while ago, and we are having a lot of fun with it. The most recent use has been to preserve my sanity while sitting in my daughter's room as she falls asleep. Time goes by much more quickly if I have music to listen to instead of the sound of my daughter flip-flopping around in her crib!

Piece of Work said...

I want to know some more of your favorites!

Karla said...

I hear you on the music and mood and how it gets you going. I just bought myself a little MP3 player and it really helps me get through my run. Before, with no tunes, it was like watching paint dry or grass grow and I think I grew more bored than tired.

Hurray for cool tunes and rocking out to music.