Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The So Far Futile and Seemingly Never Ending Quest

So a while back, I wrote about the postcard that was sent to me from AC and Cuppa. Inspired by the generosity and goodwill of my Canadian neighbors, I solemnly vowed to AC that I would return a postcard in kind. I thought to myself, I live in freakin' Southern California! I am 15 minutes away from Disneyland on a good freeway day! I am 30 minutes from the beach! I will have absolutely no problem finding a postcard! I will have to practically fend off all the inferior postcards, and it will be a wrenching decision over which one best shows our state in all its glory!


I have searched high and I have searched oh-so-low. I cannot for the life of me find a postcard.

I think part of the problem is that it is the height of tourist season, and so we usually avoid the touristy areas like the plague at this time of year. Why go to Disneyland when it is hotter than Hades and I will have to join the lemming-like flow of Alabama natives who don't know where they are going or how to get there? Why even attempt to shop on Main Street in Huntington Beach when I will have to fight the other 20,000 people that want to be there for the 500 parking spaces? If I know that I as a resident of California am going to be in the minority, I'm simply not going to go. As a result, although I am very, very, fond of Cuppa and AC, I do have my limits.

I also had a thought the other day that in this digital age, I wonder if postcards are just falling by the wayside? When you can take a picture of yourself standing on the California coast with your phone and send it to everyone you know, why would you buy a postcard? Professional photography be damned, if you can transmit the proof of you being there to all the poor saps back in New Hampshire, you are going to go that route. (But seriously, we adore you tourists visiting our lovely state, just make sure that you use your plane ticket back and don't even think of planning to move out here, we're all full.)

So, it is looking like it is going to be another month before I can actually visit somewhere around here that has a postcard. But, I promise it is going to be the best, most stunning postcard ever. And, when I do find it, I am going to buy the entire stock the store has of it, so I can be sure never to be stuck postcard-less again. It's just not a good feeling.


Anvilcloud said...

It still makes me smile and chuckle.

Heather said...

With all that effort, when you do find your mega-supply of the ultra-perfect postcard, perhaps you should send the REST of us postcards too! :-)

Makes me wanna buy lots of postcards, just to revolt against the electronic era of camera phones.

Piece of Work said...

I have a good friend who collects postcards. So whenever I go anywhere, I'm supposed to send her one. If you think it's difficult to find a good postcard in California, try Wilmington, Delaware. Yikes!

Gina said...

Heather, yes, if anyone wants one, I will certainly send them! I mean it, when I find them, I am going to buy a boatload! :)