Thursday, July 21, 2005

For Your Viewing Pleasure

So I took a cue from a comment of Tracy's and decided to list my favorite men. Hubba-hubba teases me that I think everyone is good looking, and in a way, that is true. I can usually find something attractive about almost anyone. But there are really only a few that invite my drooling on a consistent basis.

This post took hours of torturous research into finding photos of my celebrity crushes. Good grief, it was hard, but for you my friends, I will do anything.

Christian Bale- Saw him in Batman Begins, and I am a sucker for a square jaw and nice cheekbones.

Ewan McGregor- I thought he was just wonderful in Moulin Rouge, and I haven't looked back since.

Matthew McConaughey- Ok, this guy is just hot. I don't care about the naked bongo drummning incident, have you seen this guy's abs?

Matt Damon- Just a cutie pie! The fact that he is a great actor doesn't hurt either.

Ralph Fiennes- He had me at "The English Patient." And I am also a sucker for clipped British accents.

Johnny Depp- A caveat with him is that I am not a big fan of the grungy facial hair and long, unkempt locks that he sports in his daily life. But he cleans up real good.

George Clooney- Very handsome guy. I actually do not find him all that attractive in his younger years. It was of course ER that, ahem, turned me on to him.

Viggo Mortensen- Now he is the exception to my rule of not liking facial or long hair. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was made even better with the addition of his gorgeous cheekbones!

Simon LeBon- I have to put him in here as I had a HUGE crush on him for oh, about 10 years that started back in middle school.

And finally, the man that I have adored for a very long time. Hubba-hubba is very used to the fact that I must attend any movie that he is in. I make sure to bring a cup for all the drool. He is getting a bit long in the tooth, but in his prime, he was in my opinion one of the most gorgeous men ever. The hair, the jawline, the cheekbones, the smile, the eyes, this one has it all.

Of course no post that focuses on handsome celebrity men can be complete without the mention that I absolutley think Hubba-hubba is one of the best looking guys I have ever seen. If I had to pick a face to see every day, he is right behind Mr. Gibson!


Anvilcloud said...

That's not exactly a short list my dear. Are you okay? :)

Gina said...

I even had to whittle this list down, too!

I am a little hot and bothered over here, but its also already 80 degrees at 830am.

Karla said...

mmmm! Matthew McConaughey. I fell in love with him after seeing him in Dazed and Confused in '93. He reminded me of a Ken doll.

Love your taste in men. Thanks for the droll fest!

Elizabeth said...

Although I bat for the other team, I can still appreciate a good looking other sexer. I think my son is gorgeous (really he is, I can be objective about it, really, I can).

But...Simon LeBon?! Argh. Let go of the past...just let goooooo. Eschew the past. Start eschewing.

Now playing in Hell(where they don't serve champagne, btw)...

Simon LeBon starring in Mama Mia! (just another way for Beelzebubba to torture Hitler and Stalin.)

And...I can so see the infatuation with Mel Gibson but even Jesus has got to be saying, 'Oy, enough with the fire and brimstone already! Such an annoying nudnik this one, like shpilkes in the tuchas! Enough, already!'