Saturday, July 02, 2005

101 Things, or is it 102?

1. I am a native Southern Californian.
2. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes.
3. But I am not your typical California-girl type.
4. Because really, most of the California-girl types are not really from here at all.
5. But I digress.
6. I consider myself a centrist, but I lean toward the left.
7. I once thought I would be a lawyer.
8. I also thought I would be a teacher.
9. Boy, was I wrong.
10. I wound up working for a famous think-tank.
11. One of the studies I worked on made it onto the news.
12. It was a very challenging job, and I was very good at it.
13. But I have never really liked to work.
14. My husband will so not be surprised to read that.
15. I noticed that I have used the word "but" a lot already.
16. But I don't care.
17. I have a son who is almost three.
18. He is the greatest.
19. Except when he screams or whines, that gets to me sometimes.
20. I have a very useless degree in English.
21. I went for the "8 year" plan to obtain it.
22. My parents were actually rather kind about that, seeing as how they paid for it and all.
23. They were nicer than I probably would have been.
24. I have only had two serious boyfriends, one of whom is now my husband.
25. We have been together for a total of 14 years, almost 4 of them married.
26. But we never lived together before we married.
27. Not becuase we were prudes, we just didn't want to.
28. I love my husband very much.
29. I am lazy.
30. I have a complete lack of ambition.
21. I used to play volleyball.
22. I don't know how I lasted as long as I did, since I am only 5'8."
23. I used to tan all the time.
24. I gave it up about 6 years ago.
25. I will go out in the sun, but not to tan purposely.
26. But I don't wear a hat or anything.
27. I look very good in hats, though.
28. I should wear them more often.
29. I love lipstick.
30. I own at least 15 at any given time.
31. I used to think that "expensive" meant better.
32. That was before I stopped working.
33. Now I still think it, but I'll buy cheap stuff anyway.
34. I did not vote for George W. Bush, either time.
35. I have voted in every single presidential election held since I was eligible.
36. I went to Catholic school grades 1-12.
37. I am not sure if I still am a Catholic.
38. Actually, the more strident and vocal a person is about their religion, the more I tend to distrust them.
39. To me, actions speak louder than words.
40. Wow, I am boring myself.
41. I like baseball.
42. My husband turned me into a Yanks fan.
42. I like to travel.
43. I have been to lots of places, mostly within the continental US.
44. I have never really been drunk.
45. But I don't mind drinking.
46. I used to play pool a lot.
47. I used to go to Las Vegas a lot.
48. We played blackjack and my husband would count cards.
48. We would always have a great time.
49. I don't know how to ski.
50. I don't often go to the snow.
51. I have one sister.
52. She is the "smart" one.
53. My family is actually very functional.
54. I hang around them a lot, and I like it that way.
55. My grandparents are 88 and 84.
56. I will miss them so when they are gone.
57. I have been blessed to have them in my life for such a long time.
58. I should video tape them telling their life story.
59. I really should, their stories are fascinating.
60. I like to garden.
61. Or I like the idea of gardening, anyway.
62. I think if you were to look at my plants, "oh, she's a gardener" wouldn't really spring to mind.
63. I think chocolate covered pretzels are quite possibly perfect.
64. I have always loved to read.
65. I read a newspaper every day.
66. I like to think I am well-informed.
67. I like discussing politics.
68. I am a registered Democrat, my husband a registered Republican.
69. It makes for some interesting conversations.
70. I hate math.
71. I was in the honors program, but I failed math.
72. Go figure.
73. I absolutely do not get along with my in-laws.
74. It is truly their fault.
75. The stories I could tell about that family would make your hair curl. Or straighten if it's already curly.
76. But I won't.
77. Ok, maybe if you ask nicely...
78. I love music.
79. I am always singing.
80. I am not a great singer, but not a horrible one either.
81. I wonder why I cannot find a nice simple V-neck T shirt anymore.
82. I have noticed lately that people are wearing clothes that are much too tight.
83. I try not to.
84. It is not a flattering look.
85. My favorite color is blue.
85. My favorite cities are Chicago (with no snow) and San Francisco.
86. My husband proposed to me in SF.
87. It was one of our best trips ever.
88. I am a nice person.
89. But I can be a bitch if you cross me.
90. So watch out.
91. I would like to win the lottery.
92. I tell my husband that it's hard to win if we don't buy a ticket.
93. I hate folding laundry.
94. Just toss it in the dryer to get out the wrinkles, says I.
95. I have a bad back.
96. And a bad knee, for which I was paid 15 grand, but it wasn't nearly enough.
97. I need to lose some weight.
98. Did I mention that my son is the greatest?
99. Blogging is very relaxing for me.
100. I think I cheated somewhere with the numbers on this.
101. But I'm too lazy to go back and check.


Hubba Hubba said...

Hubba Hubba Says, "all 101 are correct" and i still love you

Anvilcloud said...

I am a horrible singer but I like to hum, whistle, or sing anyway.

A Yankee fan with all of those teams in California? Although I am not into baseball any more, I was an Expo fan and a Tigers fan. No wonder I'm not a fan any more!! Actually, I've got nothing against the game; I just can't be bothered to bother with it any more.

Heather said...

I love reading your list! Sounds like a good life so far.

Suzanne said...

Great list! I love learning more about the person behind the blog.

Karla said...

That was AWESOME! My hubby and I don't always agree on politics either, so discussions around that are always great. Same with religion...different ideas and beliefs. But it keeps things interesting.

Point 38 is interesting. I have to agree with you there.

Your son must be the greatest :)