Thursday, June 16, 2005

So I'm Starting to Take This Personally

We just had another earthquake. I was with Mr. Personality in bed while he was taking a nap, you know, just making sure he was sleeping ok.

Right, so anyway, I hear a slight rumble and the first thing my mind jumps to is helicopter or airplane. But then the bed begins to shake. It is hard enough to set off one of his toys, an annoying baseball tee with obnoxious music. I put my arm around him in case I have to get us both off the bed in a hurry. He mumbled in protest and went right back to sleep. I, on the other hand, was now wide awake.

We just had one of these on Sunday, and it was a bit bigger than this one, although not by much. I just found out that we were closer to the epicenter on this last one, so even though it was technically smaller, it felt bigger due to our proximity. Right now they have it measured as a 5.3 magnitude, although they may demote it after a while. It was based in Riverside county, which is the next county over. That explains why I thought the pictures were going to fall off the walls.

Earthquakes are frightening me more now that I have a child. When it was just me, I was ever so blase about the occasional bumps. But with Mr. Personality in the picture, it takes on a different urgency. And living on a hill doesn't make me feel much better either.

Everyone in SoCal is supposed to have an earthquake kit, and I know we have one somewhere. I'm just not sure where. Well, at least just this morning I swapped out the batteries on Mr. Personality's flashlight. Now it seems I just need to buy us a big, sturdy desk that I can place right out in the middle of the room so that we can hide under it. Then we should be just fine.


blueyedtracy said...

I felt it here too in LA!! Here's the great mother I am: when I felt the shaking, instead of moving towards my son's room (he was sleeping) - you know in case it got worse- I just went out the side door. I stood there a minute, and remembered, "Oh, my son", but by then the shaking was over. I also hate earthquakes . .and I have a little of a 6th sense about them. When the one hit in Chile, I told my husband we needed to be ready. (Of course we don't even have an earthquake kit, so what am I talking about!!)
Here's to no more shaking this week!!

Suzanne said...

Yikes! This makes me even more fortunate to live in a (relatively) Weather Event-free area. Good luck with the desk plan!