Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Now How Could I Possibly Market This?

So I have this really great, useless talent.

I know the sex of your baby almost as soon as I am told you are pregnant.

I found out yesterday that I have been correct for 12 straight pregnancies (including my own), and am waiting for confimation on the 13th. This dubious talent appeared only after I had my own pregnancy, I don't remember ever getting a "flash" of knowledge like I do at this point.

Now I am in no way a mathematically inclined person, but I do know that my chances of being wrong are of course 50/50, not taking into account the possibility of twins or something. There have been no twins yet. What I want to know is, when does it become a statistical anomaly to guess correctly so many times in a row? Do I have to get to 30 or more before it becomes something not in the realm of lucky guesses? Statistics are so not my thing.

One catch, however, seems to be that I must know you personally in some way. I haven't really tried it out on people I don't know, but I guess I would be willing to give it a go, just for curiosity's sake. But, I have publicly told at least one person the sex of the baby before the mother found out. Sometimes it wasn't even the mother I told because I didn't necessarily know them that well, and didn't want to blurt something out at an awkward point in the conversation.

I should find out in about a month the outcome of the next prediction. I will be sure to update you.

It's definitely a girl, though.


WordsRock said...

Yes yes, surely there must be a way to profit from this odd talent. Think of the money you could save the insurance companies who pay for sonograms! Not that determining the sex of an infant is the only reason for sonograms...

Can you divine anything else about these unborn babies? Like what their SAT scores may turn out to be or if they are gay? I think you should expand your predictions and see how right you can be in other areas too! :)

I'm babbling. Obviously too much afternoon coffee.


Piece of Work said...

I was convinced Vivian was a boy, so much so that we didn't really have a girl name picked out. Quite the shock in the delivery room when they showed her to us.
I thought I was right because I guessed correctly with my son---and I thought if I was right once, I was right all the time. Huh.