Sunday, June 05, 2005

Naming Names

So the other day while on vacation, I was thinking about my friends online that I have made. When there is a relevant topic, I find myself mentioning things about them in conversation. Then I got to thinking, what should I call them when bringing them up?

Now, please don't anyone be offended, but it seems to me a little different to befriend someone online than in person. I thought of myself and how I always write to pretty much reflect the "better" parts of myself, or if I write something not so complimentary, I don't completely trash myself. I began wondering if my blogging friends, who are indeed dear to me, would think I was so funny when they heard me snap at Hubba-hubba when he didn't get the right pillowcase (don't ask). Or if I would seem all that great of a person when fuming behind some idiotic lady at Target who failed to bring her driver's license into the store and had to have one of her young sons go out to the car by himself to get it.

I mean, how convenient is the online world? You get to choose what is revealed about yourself and how much. Of course, that is true in a friendship that is not online, but I think it is much harder to conceal your true self in person. Perhaps my laugh would bug the heck out of someone, or the way I refuse to calculate the tip when eating out would drive my dining partners insane.

But, connections are made nontheless, and I truly do care about quite a few people that I have been fortunate enough to "meet" in the blogosphere. Awkward phrasing such as, "People who I know online" or "Friends I have made in the blogging world" don't seem to do them justice.

So, I started to think of various terms that I could use to denote the special status of my blogging friends. "Friends + Online" became Frines. Nope, sounds like a briny fish or something. "Fellow + Bloggers" became Floggers. Interesting, but I don't think it has quite the right connotation. "Blogging + Friends" became Blends. I am toying with that one, but it seems to bring to mind mixed drinks or smoothies, so I'm indecisive. Then came the acronyms. "Online Friends" became "OLF's" "Fellow Blogging Buddies" became FEBB's. "Nice People I Met Online" became NIPIMOL's.

Then it all became too overhwhelming and my brain began to whirl with the seemingly infinite possibilities. Opinions, anyone?


Mel said...

When talking to real life people, I don't talk about blogging people because I'm afraid to accidentally "out" myself! When I talk to my husband about all of you, though, I just use your names of the phrase "this woman I know from my blog."

blueyedtracy said...

Welcome back - what a great post. I have also encountered this situation recently. I also keep my blogging life very well protected, so I don't really refer to people there in casual conversations. Although, my sister in law reads my blog regularly and so I do mention blog friends to her. She really seems to get it.

WordsRock said...

I refer to folks like you in conversation the way you refer to yourself. Like I'd say "my blog friend Gina" if I was talking about you to someone I knows reads my blog. Those people nod knowingly because they recognize your name.

If they don't read my blog or don't know I blog, I would shorten it to "my friend Gina." They have no need to know I really don't know you but have just shared with you online.

But let's get back to what what we really want to know: you snap at your husband if he brings the wrong pillow case?! Geez, I thought you Californians were supposed to be laid back!