Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Cutthroat World of Bob the Builder

So I thought nothing of it when PBS began airing "Bob the Builder" episodes on Saturdays. Mr. Personality is not really into television, although he has learned the entire alphabet and numbers 1-20 from Sesame Street. But it was in a very passive, osmosis sort of way. He had no obsession with any one character or show, and this made toy buying easy, as I could just about get him anything and he would like it.

Along came Bob. From the first exciting claymation episode he saw, Mr. Personality was hooked. He had already been "into" pounding hammers, drills, and the like. So seeing the living embodiment of these skills on television was just too much for his two year old brain to resist. He incessantly sings the theme song, and at random times throughout the day will scream, "CAN WE FIX IT?" Whereas I am supposed to drop everything I am doing and yell back, "YES WE CAN!"

He has little Tonka construction trucks that are a backhoe, a bulldozer, and the like, and when he started calling them the corresponding vehicle names from the show, I thought it was time to go shopping. There are a few things about Bob that I'm not too keen on, as he seems to be a commitment-phobe regarding his "friend" Wendy. I mean, what kind of guy teases a chick with a "You look wonderful tonight, Wendy" and then proceeds to practically ignore her for the rest of the show? Or say, "What would I ever do without you, Wendy?" and then proceed to fall asleep in his chair? Not exactly the best role model for relationships, but there are other good things, so I will overlook it for Mr. Personality's sake. Still, while watching the show, I yearn for Bob to throw his arms around Wendy and declare his undying eternal love and thanking her for putting up with his forgetful, sandwich-obsessed self. Don't ever call me unromantic, my friends.

I searched high, and I searched low for Bob the Builder toys. I went to Target, to Toys R Us, and I was even desperate enough to go on the Wal-Mart website to see if they had any. Apparently, there is a licensing issue for Bob the Builder toys at this juncture. Of course it would be just my luck for my son to adore a series for which they are NO LONGER making toys for. One of the unforseen pitfalls of watching only public television, I suppose.

On to Ebay I went, thinking I could pick up some toys for cheap, and that would be the end of that. Little did I know of the strange and obsessive people out there who will do almost anything to win a Lofty who is missing his crane and has numerous bite marks. Are these people doing this for their children or do they just get a bloodlust in them that says, "MUST...WIN..AUCTION...AT...ALL...COSTS!" I bid on at least 6 auctions, losing them all at the last minute. Well, sorry I don't have time to sit at the computer all day to ensure that I am the winning bidder. I do happen to have a teensy bit of a life.

Finally, after paying a bit more than I wanted to, I won an auction for a retired set of 6 talking Bob the Builder vehicles. Ah, the thrill of victory. I now posess six beat-up toys that I paid too much money for. But they are mine, all mine!


Suzanne said...

We went through the same Bob instant obsession, followed soon after by the realization that there are no new Bob toys to be had. I hadn't explored the EBay possibility; for better or worse, my son has channeled his energies into Thomas the Tank Engine instead. Don't have to worry about a shortage of those toys!

(And I am with you in wanting Bob and Wendy to solidify their relationship in some meaningful way!)

Piece of Work said...

Congratulations! We have yet to find Bob the Builder yet, as Isaac is so resistant to change he will not watch anything except Teletubbies and Sesame Street.