Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Couple Questions

So does it make me a bad mommy if...

...I silently call my son a "punk" while closing the door to his bedroom after he has taken an hour to fall asleep?

...I constantly make disparaging comments within hearing range about the annoying Brenda Blue and the rest of the rather scary and off-tune cast of Jay Jay the Jet Plane?

...I still bathe him and hardly ever let him do it himself because he is getting so big and I know one day soon he will just grab the washcloth from me and bellow, "No!"

...I tell him that frozen yogurt is ice cream?

...I never bought a wipe warmer, and instead have been wiping him from his birth with freezing cold wipes?

...instead of changing the sheets one night when he peed through his diaper, I just put a towel down? son has a running commentary in the car that ranges from, "Whoa, that was a big cut off!" to "This is our parking spot."

...I spoil him and give him massages before he falls asleep at night?

...I don't allow him to pour sand on the patio or on my flowerpots?

...I wish the intermittent napping thing would just go away and let me establish some kind of dependable schedule?

...just today I taught him the effect of the word, "NOT!" after a serious-sounding sentence? I am sure I will not be living that down for the next few months.

And, is this the kicker that will completely disqualify me from the Mother of the Year Contest...

... that for the 112th time, I cannot restrain myself from screeching, "Point it down, point it down!" when Mr. Personality attempts to pee on the potty?

Ok, ok, I'll pony up for the therapy bills.


Heather said...

LOL! I can say "ditto, ditto, ditto" to almost all of your comments! Yup, I've put a towel down too. And if you ONLY call him "punk", you're not doing too badly, believe me!

About the only one I can't relate to is the last one, 'cause I only have girls. :-)

WordsRock said...

Ah, what fond memories of having a little one at home!

Except... this wiper warmer of which you speak... that must be a fairly modern invention. My son survived his diaper days with nothing but cold wipes. I don't think he's any worse for the wear.

I didn't see anything there to qualify you as a bad mommy. Back to the drawing board?

And of course you'll pony up for the therapy bills---your own therapy, that is.

Piece of Work said...

Oh, I do all the same things. I never warmed his bottle either. And, I have also been known to remove the towel from the pee-sprinkled sheets in the morning and not change the sheets! ICK!