Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So now I wish I had not spoken with my sister earlier this evening. We didn't argue or anything like that. No, it was something worse. She has now passed her disease onto me. I am speaking of Dancing With the Stars.

Let me tell you that my sister swore off all "reality" television after being badly scarred by Last Comic Standing. (Remember that show? I didn't think so.) That, unfortunately, was her first foray into this type of television. She had such high hopes, and was so disappointed that the least funny guy won, she vowed never to trust her heart to so fickle a medium again. Survivor had already passed her by, she only tuned into one episode of The Apprentice at my behest, and The Swan never even had a chance.

But then, on a boredom filled night when even her one hundred cable channels turned up naught, she found it. She tried to tell herself how uninterested she was in ballroom dancing. She tried to fool herself into thinking that all the dancers sucked. Despite herself, she watched Dancing With the Stars in its entirety. She couldn't keep her eyes off it, and she went to bed, shaken at the thought that she had seen a reality show and liked it.

She came back the next week, and the one after that. When 8:00 rolled around tonight, she casually mentioned that she had to watch "her show" tonight. I immediately asked her what show it was, and she laughed a little embarassed laugh and told me.

I had actually been wanting to watch the thing myself, but had been too lazy to find out what day it was on. There was, luckily for me, an encore episode at eight, followed by a new one at nine. For those of you that have not seen it, they pair a professional ballroom dancer with a star, and I kind of use the term loosely. I had no idea who two of the "star" women were, but I got sucked in all the same. After I finish this post, I am off to ABC's website to vote for John O'Hurley (J. Peterman from Seinfeld). Seriously, even I as a newcomer could see that the N'Sync or whatever he is dude has no business being in the finals.

So, I am a little bitter, since I was priding myself on the fact that I have not really watched televison since all of the regular shows I watch had their finales back in May. But I feel better knowing that I have gotten her hooked on Lost. Nothing like sibling rivalry.

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Heather said...

LOL! I haven't watched it yet, 'cause it's been TV-free-month around here, but I remember being somewhat intrigued when I saw the previews. May have to check it out. I haven't yet gotten hooked on a reality show, but who knows.