Sunday, June 12, 2005

Anybody Need a Kidney?

I'll sell mine, fairly cheap... I need some quick moolah.

I just read that Pink Floyd was going to be playing for the first time live since 1981 with all original band members. I have always vowed that I would see them if they ever got back together. Ok, well, that was before I was married and had a toddler, but that still doesn't change the fact that I would LOVE to see them. Oh, they and another little band called U2 will be playing at the Live 8 concert in London, which was organized by (Sir) Bob Geldof for African relief. I think Elton John, Paul McCartney and Coldplay will be there as well.

I was on a blog named Angry Pregnant Lawyer a while back, and she had a list of all the concerts that she had ever been to. Since I am bored and the theme today is concerts, she has inspired me:

U2 2x
Duran Duran 2x
The Go-Go's
Paula Abdul (a friend dragged me to it, I really didn't want to go!)
Peter Gabriel
The Cure
St. Etienne
Oingo Boingo 8x
Andrea Bocelli
PM Dawn
Billy Joel
Sinead O'Connor (again, a friend)
Dead Can Dance
Sarah Brightman
Phil Collins
Stan Ridgway 3x (He plays a little club we used to like a lot, The Coach House)
Depeche Mode
Echo and the Bunnymen
Hot Hot Heat
Psychedelic Furs
The Pet Shop Boys
L.A Philharmonic Orchestra, perhaps 20 or more performances

And does Disney on Ice presents Monsters Inc. count? It was just as expensive as any of the other ones, if not more so.


Heather said...

OOOoohhh!!! I wanna go to that Live 8 concert too!!! I figure it should make some difference that I work for one of those organizations PROVIDING aid to Africa, but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to give me enough clout. Or an expense paid trip to London. Shucks.

Your concert list certainly has some enviable concerts on it! I'd LOVE to see U2, but they don't ever come to our city.

blueyedtracy said...

Wow, what a list. We match up on a few: Oingo Boingo (saw their final concert tour) & Psychedlic Furs. So LONG ago! Another good one is Nickel Creek. I'd love to see U2, but doesn't look like it will happen soon.

Piece of Work said...

Oingo Boingo EIGHT times! Wow! I should do a list of all the concerts I was grounded from going to. Probably be longer than the list of ones I actually attended. Sob.