Thursday, May 12, 2005

Totally Pointless Blathering

So I just got done writing the draft of what was the most boring post ever. Luckily for you, I regained my senses after almost being lulled to sleep by writing it and deleted it.

Dontcha just hate it when that happens? You start with what you think is a pretty good premise, you've got a couple of good points in mind, and blammo. The thing just kind of self implodes despite your best efforts, and you sit staring at the computer blankly wondering what the heck you are going to write now. You see that you have long run-on sentences that make little to no sense. That is when I know I am in trouble, when my sentences go on and on for days with no apparent end in sight.

It should have been good, it was about concerts and live music performances as well as oh-so-interesting tidbits about my musical taste. But alas, the instruction manual for the Bob the Builder Construction Site I set up today was more entertaining.

So I will leave you with these much more fun snippets from our potty training. (The Golden Rule is when material runs dry, always go for the kid stories. Especially ones involving bodily functions)

Mr. Personality, upon seeing the very large poo poo he produced in the toilet, prounouced, "I made a dinosaur!" Frighteningly enough, I could see the likeness of a brontosaurus.

And, upon sighting three small poo poos on another date proclaimed, "Mickey Mouse!"
Indeed, the child spoke the truth.

Instead of looking at clouds and seeing different shapes, my son examines poop. I am so proud.


blueyedtracy said...

I'm glad you blogged about the poop, because I was laughing SO hard! We have yet to venture into the potty training territory, but soon - very soon. Great post!

Cuppa said...

What a hoot! There is beauty and creativity everywhere it seems.

Now from the ridiculous to the sublime. I am reading an amazing book called Beauty the Invisible Embrace by John O'Donohue and just last night I was reading about beauty in music. Let me give you a delicious morsel to taste

"Schubert once said, All music begins and ends in silence. Indeed, the secret of Schubert is how he sculpts silence with sound. The dream of silence is music. Though the content may be full of sorrow or pathos, music seems to desire a certain lightness and playfulness; physically as sound it continues to move and flow. Perhaps listening to music renews the heart precisely for this reason: it plumbs the gravity of sorrow until it finds the point of submerged light and lightness. Unconsiously it schools us in a different way to hold sorrow. When music is dark it works through dissonance and harsh notes; like underpainting, their beauty is slow to reveal itself but it does ultimately dawn. It frees a space to let in lightness. Unlike anything else in the world, music is neither image nor word and yet it can say and show more than a painting or poem."

This book is on loan from the library but I have to get my own copy of this one.

On another note completely-- The colour of paint in my kitchen is called Capilano Bridge by Benjamin Moore Paints. It is the colour of a cup of coffee with double cream. Mmmm, just the way I like it.

Heather said...

Gina, I think you have a creative genius on your hands! If he can see art in his poop, just think what the world has in store for him!