Thursday, May 19, 2005

Takin' it to the Streets

So next week, Hubba-hubba, Mr. Personality and myself will bundle ourselves into our car and head off for Arizona.

We are planning on leaving on Saturday evening, for three reasons. First, because to leave on Friday night would most likely mean sitting on the parking lot that would be the 10 Freeway for hours before we even reached a quarter of the way. Second, because why the heck would I want a wide-awake 2 1/2 year old alone in the back seat during the day for a six hour drive. And no, I am not a good enough mother to sit with him back there for the duration of the trip. His seat is in the center, and it is mighty cramped seating on either side. With my back in its current shaky situation, I'm not even going to chance it. Third, my adorable son is known for getting motion sickness and vomiting in the car. Having little light for the first part of the trip, and then asleep for the remainder will hopefully avoid that rather annoying problem.

Oh, don't think I know that there are people who lug their infants in planes to fly blithely across the country. Or just pack them in the carseat and off they go to visit Aunt Martha in the next state. There was just no way that was going to happen with Mr. Personality. I think if you have an easygoing baby, by all means travel with them. But if you happen to have a persnickety, perfectionist child, I think you should just make it easier on the entire world and just stick to home for a while. He also had colic for the entire first six months of his life (give or take two weeks in the beginning) and there was no way I was going to inflict that on any undeserving soul who happened to book the same flight as us.

Thus, Hubba-hubba and I have curtailed our love of traveling. We are so pathetic that we are beyond thrilled at spending three days with relatives. Not to say that I don't adore said relatives, I do. But we used to travel to New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and all kinds of places. Now we are reduced to being giddy at the thought of sleeping on a pullout bed in a place with 100+ temperatures.

A rather expensive contraption known as the "Toddler Coddler" has been bought in order to eliminate the neck lolling during Mr. Personality's snooze time. I am going to stack pillows or something so that his little legs are not hanging down the entire time, but resting on something. I have made mental notes to avoid feeding him certain food items before we leave. Maximum comfort will be achieved.

So, it will be like old times with Hubba-hubba when we head off. Except for the hopefully unconscious toddler in the backseat. I can't wait.


Mel said...

Fun! Fun? Fun. Really, have fun!

Heather said...

Happy trails to you!

Anvilcloud said...

Have a nice trip. Whenever you get back to those other trips, you'll appreciate them all the more.