Monday, May 23, 2005


So the semi-retiring (sniff sniff) Cuppa has successfully passed this baton to me, and I am honored to post it.

01. Total volume of music files on my computer?
You see, that is what my tech-head brother in law is for. He downloads all the music I want and then does everything for me. As a result, I have no files on mine, but he's got a whole lot on his. He has waaaay more memory than me anyway, so I feel justified.

02. The last CD I bought was?
That would have to be Franz Ferdinand. I really liked "Take Me Out" so I went ahead and bought the CD. My BIL claims I am a fool for buying music, but I am old-fashioned that way.

03. Song playing right now.
"How Soon is Now" Morrissey. It is on a radio station, but it is a very good radio station. Morrissey is one of Hubba-hubba's favorite artists.

04. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order)

"Something About You" Level 42. This is our official song. It is catchy and unabashedly sentimental.

"The Joshua Tree" U2. Yes, yes, I know this is cheating since this is an entire CD, but it is quite possibly one of the best CD's ever made. The songs flow wonderfully into each other, and the mood they evoke together is just beautiful and sort of melancholy at the same time.

"Lacrimosa" Mozart's Requiem. This also may be cheating, since it is just one part of the entire Requiem. I spent an entire semester learning this particular Requiem in Latin to sing with my college choir, symphony and all. It was a wonderful experience, and I love singing, even though I am the less exciting alto instead of soprano. "Lacrimosa" is short, but lovely.

"American Dreaming" Dead Can Dance. Now don't let the name of the band give you the wrong impression. They somehow manage to mix Celtic, African, Germanic, Persian and all sorts of other influences to make some of the most captivating music I have ever heard. I have a rather large crush on the voice of the male lead singer, it is just absolutely gorgeous. Even more exciting, they are back together after breaking up and we just bought tickets to see them at the Hollywood Bowl! Wheeee!

And the next is just a portion of a song from a soundtrack that is very dear to Hubba-hubba's and my heart. It is our secret unofficial snippet of a song from the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas." It is written by one of my favorite musicians and composers, Danny Elfman. In part, the lyrics are:

We'll sit together
Now and forever.
For it is plain,
as anyone can see.
We're simply meant to be.

05. Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why.

Oh, goodness, I think anyone who wants to do it. I am thinking I would like to hear from Mel, Suzanne, Carmi, blueyedtracy, and Amy if they like the idea. But, if not, that's ok too. I can handle the rejection.


Cuppa said...

Thanks for accepting the baton and running with it Gina. Fun huh?

I am going to hunt up the U2 cd and listen to it from start to finish all in one sitting. I love to take a "mini vacation" like that and sit quietly while music washes over me. So often we have music on in the background while we rush around doing this or that. It is so different to sit still and just listen.

That is a key to life isn't it? Take time to stop and listen to it instead of rushing from one activity to the next without paying attention.

Oh, enjoy the music of life with me today. Isn't it grand?

Piece of Work said...

oh, Gina, I love being tagged! But this is not the meme for me. I don't know how to download music to my computer. I haven't purchased a cd in YEARS. I listen to the radio in the car and the tivo radio at home. Of course there are some groups and music that mean more to me than others, but truly my answers would be incredibly boring. THanks anyway!!

blueyedtracy said...

Hi! Thanks for tagging me. I will actually post my answers, but I'm just now reading this on Thursday night. It's been a crazy, frustrating computer week for this household.
My husband and I also LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas. We saw it opening weekend in Hollywood at the El Capitan when we were in college, and we go and see it there every Halloween. On the 10yr. anniversary of the film release, we saw it with a special live appearance by Tim Burton. Very cool.
Have a great trip!