Wednesday, May 04, 2005


It doesn't hurt that on Lost, quite the few men are some good eye candy. But I really watch it for the plot. Really!

Mr. Personality is using the potty approximately 3 times a day. We start out great in the morning, and then by afternoon we just completely lose it. I keep telling myself that I am just going to go with the flow. (No pun intended)

I found a place where I can buy a bunch of approximately 15 ranunculus (or is it ranunculi?) for a buck. You can hardly buy anything good for a buck anymore! And no, I'm not telling where.

So then would the plural of Lexus be "a parking lot full of Lexi?"

A little known fact about Hubba-hubba is that almost every day he comes up with a new plan to make us fabulously wealthy. It almost always has something to do with a hot dog cart, but I won't bore you with the details.

Ok, so at first I thought it was cool to have a nesting dove and her two fledglings above our patio. But now that they are pooping all over it, I take it back.

Actually, I feel quite bad for the doves because now only two birds can fit in the nest at any one time. When I look out on the patio at night, usually Mom and Dad are sleeping on top of our perimeter wall. Sometimes I have a weird urge to make a nest for them, but then I remind myself that I seriously need to get a grip.

I recently read an op/ed article titled "Jesus Would Be No GOP Lobbyist" and I will let it speak for itself.

Today we bought Mr. Personality a new tooth brush. It has a little Hot Wheels car molded onto the top of it. I think I am going to have to keep Hubba-hubba away from it, or he is going to get jealous.

And finally, I found a farmer's market that I like! Oh sure, it took about a month to find it and all, but it was worth it. And no, that's not where I got my flowers. Nice try.


WordsRock said...

What a glorious sprinkling of random.

Mel said...

Jesus Wouldn't be a Pro-Choice Democrat, Either. (I'm just saying.)

blueyedtracy said...

I bought the same toothbrush for my little guy. (it sounds like they may be the same age?) I had bought two for him, one as a back up, but he found the back up one and now he uses both. (which means makes a big mess in the bathroom with both.)