Friday, May 13, 2005

Maybe They Know Something I Don't

I was graciously invited to use the beta version of Gmail (from Google) by Mel. I really like a lot of the features, and I am not trying to complain. But, one of the drawbacks about it is that apparently they use filters or something to scan your text for key words, and then place ads accordingly.

On some recent comments on my blog, (which automatically get sent to my Gmail account) these ads appeared. I copied and pasted them, so they are verbatim.

Text: Aren't you guys the best?

Modeling - Male Models
Opportunity for all ages available now thru top agencies nationwide!

Goth Love
Goth cuties found here. Set up a free profile with pics.

Gothic guys
Browse thousands of guys for free. Meet a guy now.

Now where in the world did they get the "Goth" thing from? That's what I'd like to know.

Then, on another comment sent to me from Cuppa, the following.

Text: Goodness! I do the same thing. I talk rather aggressively to the drivers around me and call them idots or some other harsher term. I am not an aggressive person, but put me behind the wheel and I am giving other people what-for!!!I often turn to AC and quote the line from Seinfeld to him when we have a hesitant driver in front of us."Sittin' low, goin' slow!!!!" It usually is the case too. Have you noticed that? Anyway, drive carefully as you motor through life today and enjoy the ride. It is a one way trip and you won't travel this day again so pay attention and enjoy each minute of it.

Falsely Arrested? Beaten?
Experienced Civil Rights Lawyer Will Fight To Protect Your Rights

Felony Records
Discover the Truth About Anyone's Felony File and Records. Aff

Arrest Info
Free articles and information about Arrest.

Apparently the words "drive"+"aggressive" translated into me needing help about an arrest record.

Google must have me down as one crazy gal. I'm almost curious enough about what constitutes a "Goth" guy, and why they would be a popular enough subset to warrant their own websites, to click on the link. But I must resist, we wouldn't want Hubba-hubba getting jealous, now would we?


Mel said...

Those ads always crack me up--when I notice them, that is.

Cuppa said...

That is a hoot isn't it? I must admit that I don't pay any attention to those adds either. I must look next time to see what I am getting in my gmail.