Friday, May 06, 2005

Babies Everywhere!

So can I just say that I have been hit quite hard by the "baby" virus? Quite the few of my friends are pregnant or have recently had a baby. It seems that I cannot turn my head without seeing the cute little baldish head of a newborn somewhere.

Both Hubba-hubba and I would very much like another child, but the timing just doesn't seem right. We are stuck in this townhouse for now, and the need for more space and a yard would just seem that much more pressing and depressingly unobtainable.

But doesn't everyone say that people will just keep coming up with excuses as to why they shouldn't have another child just yet? That there really is no "right" time?

Can I wait out the virus or has it taken a firm hold? We'll have to see...


Mel said...

Oh, come on! Go for it! Babies are portable and small and they sleep a lot! Do it!

Carmi said...

My wife and I are wondering what happened to the quiet, well-behaved models that we ordered. The ones that were ultimately delivered haven't quite met the initial selection criteria.

Not even a bigger house will solve this one :)