Saturday, April 16, 2005

To Heck with the Planet! It's All About Me!

So gas prices here in SoCal are at 2.67 a gallon at a gas station a couple of blocks away from me. And Orange County applies less taxes to their gas than LA county, so that might be a bit on the low side of things.

The bright side is- I don't drive much. And when I do, it is in a zippy little Accord. Hubba-hubba doesn't have to drive that far to work, and when he does it is also in a zippy little Accord. (ok, its almost 10 years old, so perhaps not quite as zippy as mine)

But, the freedom that is now to be found on SoCal highways! We had to leave Disneyland the other day at about 5:30 due to Mr. Personality not taking a nap that day. Hubba-hubba and I glanced at each other, dread in our eyes at entering the freeway at that horribly inauspicious time. Lo and behold, traffic was moving! We were not forced to wait 20 minutes just to change freeways!

Because, as everyone knows, there are just too many damn people here and if the high prices of gas are curtailing driving habits, I am all for it. People that work with Hubba-hubba are offering him "great deals" on their Toyota Landcruisers and Ford Expeditions. You see, the formerly low prices on gas were not factored in when many people were forced to move 40+ miles one way from their job. For most of them, I can't blame them because if you wanted something that wasn't a termite-ridden shack, you were going to pay upwards of a half mil. Moving out to the Inland Empire and up Santa Clarita way were pretty much your only options for buying a decent house.

Perhaps (*warning! soapbox alert! soapbox alert*) this will change people's ways of viewing oil and gasoline. Perhaps they will remember that oil is a finite resource that is most likely not going to be around forever. But, sometimes it is not possible to tell people what they do not wish to hear.

So, as long as I can get on the 405 without spending an hour riding the brakes, I'm not sure I really care about saving the world. At least, not at the moment.


WordsRock said...

As we ran errands this weekend, there was no evidence of the high price of gas affecting anyone's decision to clog the roads. If anything, traffic has increased out here.

I spent $38.45 filling up my Camry at $2.35 a gallon not realizing I should feel fortunate.


Cuppa said...

Hi Gina
I have had great trouble posting comments this morning. GRRR! Let me try again and see if this works this time!

Thanks for your well wishes for my redecorating project. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I thought you might like to know what we pay for our gas here in our little corner of Canada. Yesterday is cost us $3.36 a gallon and that was down from the day before when it would have cost us $3.52. A few weeks ago it was $3.68!!!

We are retired now so some days we don't take the car out at all, and we ride our bikes a lot so that saves using the gas for small trips, but Butterfly and Ladybuy (daughters) live quite a distance away and trips to visit them really pinch the old pocketbook. Ouch!

Sure hope they discover an alternative fuel soon!

Anyway, enough rambling for now, I must get busy with the rest of my day. Hope you enjoy yours and get out to soak up some sunshine and blue skies too. Don't forget the sunscreen.

Piece of Work said...

oh brother. Gas prices are INSANE. I'm glad you noticed a dip in the traffic because I have to say I haven't noticed anything of the sort. Then again, I don't often drive much further than the grocery store/dry cleaner/ drugstore/playground/ coffeeshop/doctor's office route, so what do I know?