Friday, April 29, 2005


So can I tell you that I have three separate, very large surprise parties that I am basically in charge of planning? Can I tell you that as I relay information to various people, most of whom are related to me, I am forgetting who is who and almost letting the wrong details out?

The first party is the one for my parents 40th anniversary. My sister and I are (somewhat) jointly handling this one, although so far her only concrete contribution was to attend one of the prospective fancy brunch locations with me. Hmmm, some hard work there, eh? But, it is only reasonable that I do most of the research and legwork, as I am the only non-retired member of the family who does not work.

The second party is my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. This one is going to turn out to be quite a doozy, as we are wanting to fly in people from across the country without my grandparents being aware. It is also supposed to be quite upscale, as you are certainly not going to take the whole gang to Chili's. Besides, my grandparents don't even like margaritas, so that totally counts that place out. But, I am calling location after location that I have never seen, or seen so long ago that can't for the life of me remember. Do I really have the time to drag Mr. Personality around to visit banquet rooms and the like? I'm not sure, but I have to get my butt moving, because all of these places are popular, and I want to be able to have my pick of where to celebrate, rather than being forced to go somewhere because it happens to be available.

The third, and actually most difficult party, is for my sister's 40th birthday. Now, not to say that my sister is picky, but let's just say she is particular, shall we? What would please most people does not thrill her in the least. I was brainstorming with her best friend the other day, and she actually had a great idea that if only I had the creativity to do it, would be a smash. For my sister, anyway. She said that when thinking for her, what was coming to mind was the 4-7 year old girl "Princess" party theme. Now if only we could translate that into one for a 40 year old, it would be perfect. I'm working on it, people.

But with all three of these swirling around, and all occurring within the last 4 months of the year, I am beginning to lose focus. Now which was the restaurant with the fireplace? Which one had the terrace? Did the menu include seared ahi or salmon? How big is the group discount? Am I expected to use my credit card to put the deposit down? I feel like I am back in my wedding planning days, which was actually much easier than these three shindigs are turning out to be.

Breathe in, breathe out. Can I tell you that my brain is too tired to think of lots of synonyms for the word "party?" Bitching officially over. Chili's anyone?

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