Thursday, March 17, 2005

To Do This Week

From the Desk of Mr. Personality

Ask them to construct my train set, get angry that one track gets slightly disjointed, and pull a Godzilla and destroy the entire setup. check

Have Dad read "Wacky Wednesday" to me at the library, and tell him that I don't want to take it home. Upon home arrival, proceed to quote the book and ask them to read it to me for the next two days. check

Never, ever get dressed without putting up at least a token fight. check

Plan on ordering the quesadilla at the restaurant, and then after it is placed before me, refuse to eat it and insist that I want the grilled cheese. check

Make sure to never tell them when I have a poopy diaper, and vehemently deny it when they ask. check (ongoing project)

Knowing that Mom has scheduled an expensive, professional photo shoot this weekend, throw myself headlong into a sharp corner where the walls meet. Shoot for a bloody gash at least an inch long, in the middle of my forehead. check

Feign ignorance when I am told for the billionth time not to pour sand from my sand table onto the concrete patio. check (another ongoing project)

Make Mom scream when I grab a snail and squash it. check (note to self: next time ensure there is actually a snail inside the shell before destruction)

And lastly, don't forget to put your nose and mouth all over the mirrored closet doors that Mom just cleaned. check

All in all, a successful week!


Cuppa said...

Don't you just love someone who does everythig on their "to do" list with such thoroughness? You just gotta love 'em!

Mel said...

Great post!

...just-rambling... said...

lol :)

Beth said...

hmm, I'm thinking your little one sent a memo to mine because it seems as though they have accomplished similar things this week!!

WordsRock said...

Oh yeah, he sounds like a handful. :)