Thursday, March 10, 2005


Is it just me, or is the look the young'uns are wearing lately just kinda gross? I'm talking about the girls with the baby shirts and low-rise pants or skirts. Even on a girl that is pretty skinny, it kind of makes her look misshapen and kind of fat. If they are not complete toothpicks all you see is big fleshy looking hips, which is not particularly flattering. Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks this.

I am tired of all the coverage of celebrity trials. I really don't care, and I don't know anyone else that does, either.

There is a big flap going on in California about a law to allow hybrid vehicle owners to use the carpool lanes while driving solo. They are normally reserved for vehicles carrying 2 or more passengers. I say, why the huge outcry? For some bizarre reason, motorcycles are allowed in the carpool lanes, and rarely do I see one with more than one person on it. Until single motorcycle drivers are kicked out, hybrids should be let in.

Hubba-hubba was half-heartedly watching "The Contender" the other night. I happened to catch the last fifteen minutes or so, which was essentially the big fight to disqualify one participant. I really dislike the sport of boxing, I fail to see the "beauty" of knocking the crap out of one another. But it is legal, and consenting adults can do what they will. My huge problem was that one of the contestant's wives was holding her daughter on her lap, and the daughter could not have been more than 4 years old. Now, tell me that is not traumatic, to watch your dad getting beat up? I am not sure that at 3 you fully comprehend what is going on. I was quite sickened at the sight of the little girl watching the match, and she didn't look all that happy to be there. Then, not only is it bad enough to see your dad all bloody and having another man punching him in the face, your mom starts to get all angry and flustered when daddy starts losing. Mom is shouting and flailing around, screaming things at the ring and at her husband. I fervently hoped that this poor little girl will not be emotionally scarred by the experience, just because the producers thought it would be extra heart-breaking to cut to the sad face of the little girl throughout the fight. Again, please tell me I am not the only one.

Can I tell you how much I love Stila? I went to their store and told the girl at the counter (huge shout-out to Rose!) that I had smashed my favorite lipstick from them. I told her it was all my fault and I was just totally bummed because I forgot to roll it down, and it got completely sqashed by the cap. She said it was no problem and replaced it for free! Yay! There is nothing like a freebie!

When you have already eaten too much at dinner and the waitress comes by and drops off your very large complimentary slice of birthday ice-cream cake, don't be like me. Listen to your inner voice and only take a couple of bites. Don't be like me and have to roll yourself out to your car after eating pretty much half of the slice.

Why, when someone takes you out shopping to specifically buy you something, you can never find anything that you like? Then, when you are just out window shopping by yourself, you see a ton of things that you salivate over and wish you didn't have your credit cards at home frozen in a block of ice.

Just kidding on the block of ice thing, by the way. After a few mistakes in my youth, I am an exemplary credit card user. I am rather poor, but I have a sterling credit rating.


Mel said...

I thought exactly the same thing about that little girl (and the boys, too, for that matter) on the mom's lap! How horrible! (My husband was watching and I was reading, but I couldn't stop peeking.)

Cuppa said...

Hi Gina
Just a note to say thanks for stopping by for a cuppa tea and leaving your sugar bowl note on my kitchen table. Hope you stop by again soon for another visit.

We do need our hearts to see rightly all that is important don't we?

I haven't seen the show you mention in your blog, but it sounds awful.
What are we doing to each other and our children in the guise of entertainment? How sad!