Monday, March 07, 2005

Pray for us, Please

Much to our unhappy surprise, we found termites in our garage. At first, I didn't realize they were termites because they were black. I had always heard that termites were white or transparent, so I dismissed the two small winged things I saw on our garage floor as some previously unidentified species of garden variety bug.

We live next to what I would call a "wild" park. Even though it is a city park, it only has hiking trails and one picnic bench. The park is basically a fifteen acre ravine with a small creek running through it, glorified to the status of park by some generous city councilmember years ago.

As a result, wildlife abounds in our little complex. Every night we are serenaded by the frogs who reside (I'm assuming) in the creek. We live on top of one end of the ravine. We have owls, quail, cute bunny rabbits, lizards, snakes, great egrets (one was standing literally two feet from our bedroom window one day), all manner of birds, coyotes, and of course, bugs.

We have more bugs around here than I have ever seen in my life. Sometimes I honestly think that a scientific expedition should be conducted around here, I am positive they would find at least one species never known before. We constantly battle spiders, ants, and bugs that look like they belong on pieces of Egyptian jewelry.

So, I thought little of the tiny winged things, especially since I was on my way to a sale at Kohl's and it would have taken a lot more to get me to stop. Later in the day, a little thought kept nagging me. It was the wings on the bugs, it seemed like they had such a particular shape, I had to have seen this kind of bug before. Then, for no reason, termite popped into my brain. With great trepidation, I Googled "pictures of termites" and there were our garage guests in all their glory.

We have an appointment on Wednesday with an exterminator for an inspection. We are trembling at the potential cost of getting rid of our little friends. Now, where did I put that rosary?

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