Saturday, March 26, 2005

Maybe I Should Be Investigated

So there it will be, for everyone and their mother to see on Easter. They can all look at Mr. Personality and whisper behind their hands to each other.

I swear I am not a bad mom, just a second too late to hold his hand while he was getting out of the bathtub tonight and then SPLASH! BONK! SPLASH! SILENT SCREAM THAT MEANS YOU ARE IN SOME SERIOUS PAIN! REQUISITE TWO YEAR OLD REFUSAL TO LET MOM PUT ICE ON IT!

My poor, adorable little boy will have one of the largest shiners ever seen beneath his left eye tomorrow. Just in time for all the family to see and document forever via camcorder and camera. We had been overjoyed that the cut on his forehead had finally healed and all that was left was a faintly pink line. Now this. Lovely.

Happy Easter!


Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like he has his own Easter egg -- right on his eye. That will make him special (er, I mean even more special).

Mel said...

Babygirl fell on her lip this week. DaycareKid then fell on his lip, same place, two days later. Something must be in the air!

Career Guy said...

Our grandson Max has such fair skin that the slightest bump becomes an alarming flaming red wound. We feel terrible turning him back to his parents after he's whacked his forehead on the coffee table, which he invariably does, just before mom and dad return to pick him up.