Saturday, March 12, 2005

I don't know what a

"Wendy" house is but I bet it puts every Little Tykes play house to shame. I am positive this must put me in the "uncool/not stinking rich" mother category. I try not to judge other parents because goodness knows that it is the toughest job around, but are they really doing this child a favor to bestow these kinds of gifts on him?

Either he will grow up thinking that when he snaps his fingers, a LearJet with a staff of 6 should immediately appear before him to fly to Ibizia, or he will eschew the trappings of luxury and dress in dirty, baggy clothes and not bathe for days.

But, I bet if he chooses option #2, he'll still want to be included in the will. Just because he wouldn't want to appear nouveau riche to the masses (a la the Olsen twins who are worth a billion dollars) doesn't mean he'll be stupid.

At this point in time, Mr. Personality stands to inherit enough to buy him a month's worth of grande Starbucks. Maybe if Hubba-hubba works some overtime, we can upgrade him to venti.

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Cuppa said...

Yikes! Makes my head spin just reading about all the $$$$$ spent on this little whipper snapper!

What are the parents thinking?? If you have money to burn, then save an animal in your child's name, clean up the environment, build a shelter, help a homeless person - do something other than buy diamond earrings for a 6 year old. This is just NUTS!!!!!