Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Any Takers?

Ah, today was the day of 8 hours of glorious babysitting, kindly provided by my sister. It was so nice to be able to actually walk quickly and in a straight line (sans 2 year old).

Today was the day of the Annoying Laughter Newlywed, who whilst canoodling with her husband (I am just assuming that they are newlyweds because anyone married for longer than 2 years just does not do that kind of stuff in public) had the most loudly annoying bark of a fake laugh that I have ever heard.

Today was also the day of Hysterically Screaming 4 Year Old Who Should Know Better Than To Throw a Screaming Fit in Public. He of course had charmingly placed himself just yards from our outdoor dining table, with parents who were seemingly nonchalant about it for at least a good 5 minutes. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I told Hubba-hubba that they must be ignoring him so as to not give him the attention he was so obviously craving. I nominate that family for a "Super Nanny" episode.

Add to the mix Idiotic Freeway Accident People, who could not figure out to move their damn cars out of the fast lane so that they did not create a 5 mile long traffic jam. People, if you just had a fender bender, get OUT of the road! It is very self-explanatory as to what happened, you do not need to "preserve" the scene of the accident.

And finally, as I was washing my hands in the restroom, Bizarre Snap Judgement Woman made a comment that I cannot resist repeating here. She said to her mother, who was also washing her hands, "I can't believe how much water those automatic toilets waste. That has to be the stupidest invention ever."

Now, it seems to me that there are countless numbers of stupider inventions out there, she was rather harsh on those toilets. I mean, perhaps they bug her for whatever reason and I will grant her that, but the stupidest one EVER? My friends, I challenge you to suggest some that are more stupid than that!

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Mel said...

Um. The clap-on, clap-off thing? Alarm clocks? ;) I'm drawing a blank, but you have given me something to ponder in my down times!