Wednesday, February 09, 2005

You Never Know

Just being the paranoid mommy that I am, I am going to link you to the Megan's Law website for California. Even if you are in another state, this page has links to other states' Megan's Law pages. I believe the West Coast and Western states have full access at this point, I am not sure about anything east of let's say, Arizona. I am pleased that they finally got this database up and running so that people could access the info from their home computers. I think it should have been done years ago.

Lo and behold, there is a registered sex offender not a quarter mile from my house. Some of the offenders are listed with photos, which is extremely helpful. There are physical descriptions as well as the offenses they were convicted of. The one by me does have a photo on file, so I feel slightly better. Although, as Hubba-hubba pointed out, any of them may have moved and not given notice, or some may have never registered as they were supposed to.

It is so sad that I really feel I can trust no one other than immediate family around my child. How do you balance the need for your child to respect others, but yet keep them at arm's length at all times? I remember an Oprah episode where a registered sex offender came on the show to tell people to NEVER TRUST ANYONE around your child. I have taken that man's advice to heart, but to who's detriment?

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denise said...

Thanks, Gina for this post. I checked it and found 4 less than 2 miles away from the base gate! One is within blocks of an elementary school!!!