Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tea and Friends

Last Sunday, my friend and I visited a tearoom for a chance to chat and catch up. This friend, whom I will call J, is a person I very much admire. She used to be my boss, and we actually became friends as she was supervising me on a project. J was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her mid twenties, and actually had to have her thyroid removed. There was a period during her treatment where she literally thought she was going to die within six months or so. The entire experience changed her outlook on life, and she is one of the nicest, most upbeat people I know.

I have never understood the pricing behind tearooms. We had something called the "Queen Elizabeth" tea, which consisted of a pot of tea for each, finger sandwiches, a cup of fruit, a cup of soup, scones, and little cupcakes for dessert (as if the scones weren't already sweet enough). So it was about 19 bucks for that, and while it sounds like a lot in print, the sandwiches are exactly what they sound like (read: small) and we only got three apiece. The cup of soup was not much bigger than a dixie cup, and the fruit was basically in a plastic dixie cup. So where is the 19 bucks coming from?

The atmosphere was cute, and the service was excellent, but I still don't see why there are suckers like us that are willing to pay that much. But there is something eminently relaxing about being in a girly environment festooned with flowers and twinkly lights. Throw in the warm tea and scones on a rainy day, and you have a recipe for a gab-fest.

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