Thursday, February 10, 2005

Look Out, It's Coming for You

So, as Mr. Personality and I are driving home from the accountant's office, I decide to get in the carpool lane as it was about 4pm and traffic is always dicey around that time. Not too long afterwards, I see a motorcycle behind me, coming up fast. Then I happen to see a highway patrol car behind it, lightbar flashing.

I am thinking, oh crap, what am I supposed to do? If the CHP guy is chasing the motorcyle man, do I get out of the way, or do I break the law and pass over the double yellow lines that demarcate the carpool lane?

Well, motorcycle man solved half of my dilemma quite handily by passing me on the right, ON the double yellow lines, going at least 90 mph. The CHP car is coming up fast behind me, and then he also makes the decision easy for me by getting out of the carpool lane and going around me.

I am filled with outrage, who the hell is this freak on the motorcycle, and why must he put me and my son in danger? It doesn't help that I already loathe motorcycles and their drivers in general. Motorcycles are loud and annoying, and more often than not, so are the drivers. What is there to like?

Traffic is getting heavier by the second, and I can see freak boy weaving in and out of traffic the way that motorcycles can, and the CHP guy has no chance at all. He gives it a good old college try for about two miles, and then I saw him exiting at an offramp.

My outrage doubles, if that is possible. That idiot just got away with evading a police officer? Who does he think he is? Why do people make such stupid decisions? I also have a special affinity for rules, which made me teacher's pet almost every year I attended school.

I was hoping that perhaps I would see the guy further up the road, perhaps plastered onto the back of some big rig, but alas, it was not to be. Social darwinism will catch up to you one day, my dear friend on the blue motorcycle, I hope you are ready.

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Mel said...

I'm a rule-follower, teacher's pet, too! I knew I liked you for a reason!