Friday, February 04, 2005

I'll be Watching the Commericals

I have to admit it- I just don't get the allure of football. Now, before you say anything, I am a big sports fan. I have been a baseball fan since my family first obtained our Dodger season tickets when I was in middle school. I cheered the Lakers (of Magic, James Worthy, and Kareem) when they won their championships. I adore watching professional and collegiate volleyball, my love affair goes back to when I used to play club volleyball and was on my high school varsity team. I like to watch hockey, tennis, soccer, and pretty much almost anything except football and golf. Don't even get me started on televised golf.

Oh, it's not that I don't know the rules and such, Hubba-hubba was on a state championship football team in high school, so I have been well-versed in the intricacies (or really lack thereof) of the game. It's not that I don't have an appreciation for the cute butts in the tight pants, but that can only carry me for so long. It's not the violence necessarily, because if I can watch a minor league hockey game, I can take a game of football.

Perhaps it is that football is really the last bastion of a truly male sport. If you think about it, almost every sport has a female incarnation. Not to say that some women don't play football, they do. It has just failed to spark a nationwide craze for petite shoulder pads and extra small helmets. Perhaps that is also why men cling so desperately to their football teams, more so than other sports, so it seems to me. It is the men's last stand for a testosterone-laden, slow-moving, bone-crushing sport that females have shown little or no desire to emulate. Poor things. So let them drink their beer, eat their nachos, even let them paint their faces (or bodies) with the team colors. Other than farting and burping contests, which also failed to light a fire with the female members of the population, its about all they have left.

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WordsRock said...

I'm rather glad females don't play football as an organized sport. We are, after all, physically more delicate and fragile. The majority of us, anyway. Men are built to take it!

But I'm not completely relinquishing my beer, nachos and body paint to those of the male persuasion.

I will, however, share with them.
Because I adore football.
And I'm glad it's just men who play.