Saturday, February 12, 2005

I Heart Hubba-hubba

I don't care if it's too mushy, I am going to do a list of why I love my Hubba-hubba. We don't really get into Valentine's Day as a rule, but hey, this is perfectly free so why the heck not?

- He loves to shop. (Ladies, eat your hearts out, outlet mall shopping is his fave)

- He really does have the cutest butt. (that may fall under the "too much information" clause, but this is my blog and I don't care)

- He is very cuddly and tries to tell me that he loves me every day. (He probably says it more than I do, actually)

- He is the best father I could ever hope to have for our son. (Mr. Personality is very lucky to have a father like him, I hope he realizes that one day)

- He actually left law school in order to have our family. He felt that continuing school as well as the long hours a new lawyer must keep would be detrimental to our marriage and our family. (How could you not love a man like that?)

- He can light up a room in an instant, and knows how to make people feel special and cared for. (This makes up for his complete lack of "handiness" around the house. I'll take a man who can mentor younger people and let them know they will always have a friend as compared to being able to fix the toilet any day)

- He has a wonderful smile that can make me smile even when I am PMS'ing. (Perhaps not one hundred percent of the time, but he sure does try)

- He makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever known. (If you ever meet him, ask him to do his Rally-monkey impression)

- Even though they don't really deserve it, he honors his mother and father. (More info on that situation would require about 3 pages and I just don't have the time. Just trust me on this one)

- I can tell him anything and everything. (Even 10 years after we began dating, we still can have intense discussions late into the night)

- And finally, this man sees me for exactly what I am, and still comes back home every day. (He is a gem, and I am lucky that he is willing to put up with all my crap)

Love ya, honey!

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