Friday, February 11, 2005

Down with Wal-Mart

If this doesn't send a clear message to you about Wal-Mart and their tactics, then I am afraid not much will.

I read in the Los Angeles Times yesterday that instead of dealing with a worker's union that was this close to legally forming, they decided to shut the store down. This store is in Canada, and they were only a few weeks away from starting a union. Oh, but wait, Wal-Mart is against paying its workers a fair wage, fair overtime practices, and providing decent health care, so they decided to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Way to go, Wal-Mart!

Apparently in the US, the closest they ever got to a union was a group of meat-cutters that were also about to unionize, and they decided to eliminate the position of meat cutter altogether.

Good grief, people, stop shopping there! Is it really worth the extra 4 dollar total savings on your entire bill? It isn't for me, and I refuse to give them ANY of my hard-earned money. OK, well, my husband's hard earned money. Same thing, dammit.

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