Thursday, February 17, 2005

At What Price Beauty?

One of the best things is going to a nice salon and getting your hair done. It had been five (count em, five)months since my hair was last cut and colored, and boy was it in need of attention. This was my birthday present from Hubba-hubba, just a little early.

So, I spent two hours being foiled and colored and cut. Why is it that when someone else styles your hair, it turns out so much better than you could ever do yourself? I hardly recognize my own hair when I leave the salon, it has body, it curls under with a flirty lilt, and it just moves better. Is it the angle they are at, or what? I have tried using those large round brushes, and I usually wind up screeching because I have accidentally rolled my hair in it and I need help getting it unstuck.

Although, at $125 for the entire procedure, she had better make my hair look damn good. Even if all I am going to do is go home and take a nap with Mr. Personality.

Oh, the price I have to pay for beauty. Well, at least I try. OK, so not very well, but at least I try.

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