Saturday, January 29, 2005

Yes, but I'm biased

It is for whatever reason quite gratifying when complete strangers who have no vested interest stop you to tell you your son is absolutely adorable.

It's not like I can really take credit or anything, I really had nothing to do with how he looks. But all the same, you secretly think, ok- so maybe it isn't just me who thinks that this little boy could give an entire litter of Golden Retriever puppies a run for their money.

It's something about the big brown eyes with their long eyelashes. It's the beautiful full head of brown hair that he's had since he was born, that mom styles with such panache. It's also gotta be the dimples, definitely the dimples. But, there is just this joie de vivre that emanates from him that makes you want to watch his every move, admire him, and pick him up and squeeze him tight. At least, that's what I do at least ten times a day, even when he tells me, "NO MOM, no kisses." For that face, that smile, I'll handle the rejection.

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