Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Winds of Change

So yesterday when Hubba-hubba was putting Mr. Personality to bed, I took off to run some errands. We have a weather phenomenon known around here as the "Santa Anas," which is basically really hot, dry winds that leave you a dried out husk gasping for more water. But, I like the wind. I enjoy being out in it, even when it has just no business being 85 degrees in the middle of January.

I digress, however. One of my planned stops was to Bath and Body Works to exchange some of the lotions and soaps I got for Christmas. My family, thinking they know me oh so well, got me my perennial favorite of Warm Vanilla Sugar. Well, I didn't want to tell them that I am so sick and tired of that scent that I seriously am not going to use it for the next couple of years. I have used it forever, as vanilla is a nice, neutral scent that went pretty well with almost all of my perfumes. I no longer want a scent that is neutral, I want it to scream, "I AM WEARING SOMETHING YUMMY AND SCENTED!" It could be just my mood right now, but that's how I feel, people. Apologies to those of you with allergies.

So as I was taking out my wallet to pay for the extra stuff that I bought, I noticed that the inside bendy-part (for lack of a more technical term) was beginning to flake off (for lack of a better term). I immediately thought, oh my gosh, I need a new wallet, here, now, in the next five minutes. I can be impulsive that way. Then, my mind jumped to, well, since the wallet matches the purse and you are going to get a new wallet, you might as well get another purse as well. Oh the joys of logical thought procession!

Did I mention that I also like expensive purses as well? I absolutely adore the stuff they have at Brighton. My mom faked me out and made me think she was going to get me a purse from there, but she is pretty crafty, that one. It was this lovely blue kind of tapestry fabric bag that you could literally make smaller or larger, depending on your whim. I was drooling over it, and it was even on sale, although still sixty bucks.

But, fiscal responsibility calls. I might check out Target next week and see if they have something summery and fun. I don't know why, but lately I am in the mood for change. Am I hitting some kind of mommy crisis where everything has to be new and different? Perhaps it is a stay-at-home mom thing, where I get a little tired of the routine that Mr. Personality loves. Wanna go shopping?


denise said...

Let's go shoppin! I just hit B&BW too, and you'll be delighted to know that warm vanilla sugar is being discontinued. I doubt anyone will be able to get it for you next year!

I got the crisp apple scents. Yum! And don't be mentioning purses around me, I have 15!

Mel said...

I DO want to go shopping!