Monday, January 31, 2005

There's at least one in every major city

Hubba-hubba's family is mind-bogglingly large. His father is the eldest of 10, five sisters and five brothers. His mother is the youngest of 9, five sisters and four brothers. Hubba-hubba himself is the next-to-last child of 5, four brothers and one sister. All but perhaps 5 have large families of their own, exponentially expanding the people that are related to Hubba-hubba, and by extension, Mr. Personality.

Of all these relatives, I know perhaps 30 well enough to recogninize them on the street. I just cannot believe how many people comprise Hubba-hubba's family. His father is technically descended from the French (we went to Disneyland and up popped the coat-of-arms, so it's official) and a melange of other European countries. Due to Hubba-hubba's dad's recent illness, he has been having extensive blood tests, and apparently they found a genetic marker that apparently belongs to people of Jewish heritage, so that came as a bit of a surprise, especially since Hubba-hubba's grandmother lives on a farm in Missisippi that still does not have running water and only about 8 years ago got electricity. That side of the family is pretty much "country-hick" personified.

A few years ago, one of Hubba-hubba's aunts on his mother's side confided to us that someone in the family was conducting a genealogical search. He was in the painstaking process of researching their family tree, and he had already discovered that they were descended from a Spanish conquistadore and a Navajo princess. Hubba-hubba's maternal grandmother was one quarter Navajo, thus making Hubba-hubba one sixteenth, and Mr. Personality one thirty-second. (is that a real term or did I just make it up?)

But what really fascinated me was that they were apparently descended from such an esteemed bloodline. Why does it seem that anyone doing their family tree is never descended from just the stable boy and the maid? People are always "discovering" royalty in the family, as if the servers of royalty just aren't good enough. As for that side of the family, I am positive that their ancestors would be fairly horrified to see how far their descendants have fallen. But that, my friends, is a story for another time.

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