Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mommy Mode

For a long, long time after Mr. Personality was born, movie watching in any form was very low on my priority list. I used to watch movies all the time as a free-wheeling childless person. I would rent them, see them at the big screen. I was up on every good movie out there, and some that weren't so good.

Lately I have been getting back into the movie viewing thing again, and I find that I can no longer watch movies the same way I used to before the birth of my son. For example:

When watching "Meet the Fokkers" I was horrified at the scene with the baby making the breastfeeding signs after seeing the former housemaid's breasts. I thought, my goodness, how they are twisting something so wonderful and making it seem almost lascivious. I also cringed every time the toddler mouthed "A-hole," and found myself fervently hoping the word was dubbed in by another actor's voice.

When viewing "Shrek 2" mainly for the purposes of screening it for possible future inclusion in our video library, I kept thinking how inappropriate some of the scenes were for a 2 year old.

For "Monsters Inc." which is a movie I love, by the way, I obsess over how Boo is potty trained but cannot utter a single intelligble word.

"Finding Nemo" is a classic example of how you must always listen to your parents. I constantly remind Mr. Personality that if Nemo had listened to his daddy, he never would have been taken away from him.

And all during "School of Rock" I was appalled at the premise that these children were not learning a damn thing during the entire subbing stint. I thought, how dare Jack Black waste those poor parents' hard earned dollars like that?

So, apparently I am incapable of watching a movie without having "mommy mode" kick in, no matter how subconsciously. I think maybe I will stick to the library DVD rentals that are only $1.50 so that at least my indignation will cost me less money.


Mel said...

Grace is currently obsessed with Shrek 2 and she watches it every night!

Pamela Aaralyn said...

And I thought I was the only