Friday, January 21, 2005

It's 1989 for Me

There is a song out there that is being played on the pop music channels titled "1985" by a band named Bowling for Soup. It is about a woman who is basically stuck in 1985, which were apparently her glory years in high school. She is discontent with her lot, and her nostalgia for those days abounds.

I have to say that high school was pretty good to me. I went to a Catholic all-girls high school. If anyone has reservations about same sex schools, my advice is, don't. I think for girls especially, the atmosphere at a good same sex school is wonderfully conducive to study and achievement. I know that the boys bothered the heck out of me in grade school, always acting stupid and loud and generally just pains in the butt. Yes, yes, I know they blame it on hormones and whatnot, but I still just wished they would go away.

And go away they did. You could actually go to class without someone making farting noises or throwing paper wads at people. It was quite refreshing. Of course, all the money went to girl's sports, girls activities, and so on. I am proud to say that our little school (probably about 600 total students max) has produced 2 Olympic atheletes, one of them a quite famous 3 time gold-medalist, who was in my class and I was pretty good friends with.

Oh, a lot of girls were definitely boy-crazy, but the objects of their affections were not physically present on campus, and it made for a less snippy tone (what, girls, snippy?) overall. You really didn't have to worry about having your hair and makeup done, and then there was the beauty of the uniform. Not having to plan my wardrobe out every day definitely took a lot of stress off of me, as I'm sure it did for most of my classmates.

My favorite music is still from the 80's, even though I listen to all kinds. I still prefer to dress "preppy." I often think about some of the people I went to school with and how they are doing. I still communicate often with my best friend from high school. I also fondly remember how much thinner I was, even though at the time, I swore I was fat. Does that make me stuck in the past, a relic from the 80's? Perhaps, but then that must make me the most content of dinosaurs. Hey, my 20th reunion is coming up in four years!

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