Friday, January 14, 2005

Child Prodigy

Isn't it funny how we always see our children as the cutest, the best, the funniest, the most talented? No matter that there are probably millions of children who can do things better than my own, it is something supremely biological that happens when you become a parent.

I have looked at children who are cute, admitted to myself that they were cute, but would say silently to myself, "Mine is cuter."

I have seen a child walking at 8 months, when mine walked at 10.5 and said to myself, "She's just a fluke of nature, this one. Who ever heard of something so ridiculous as walking at 8 months? Ten and a half is the perfect age."

I watched as a child only one week younger than mine sat perfectly in his high chair and ate everything his mother spooned into his mouth. I inwardly congratulated myself that mine was, "More independent and knows what he likes and dislikes rather than just eating any old thing."

Perhaps that is how we perpetuate ourselves as a species. If we thought our children were the ugliest, least talented, most annoying children on the planet, then we would never be so silly as to have any more. Ok, well, I am thinking mine is possibly getting close to being the most annoying child on the planet, but I bet there's at least one out there who is worse. At least, for the sake of my own sanity, that is what I am telling myself.

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