Friday, December 10, 2004

Wish Granted

Ok, at least for a day. It was above 80 degrees today, the computer said 84. I don't think there will be another day quite as blistering as this one was, but it was nice to pretend it was summer there for a while.

Of course, today was the day we got our tree- and I promised I wouldn't say things about unseasonal weather during Christmas activities, so I won't (wink wink). Hubby frustrated me a bit when he spent at least a half hour attempting to jam a 5 inch tree trunk into a 4 inch Christmas tree stand. He then of course blamed it on me because I picked too big of a tree.

I pointed out that he was the one who grabbed that tree, taunting me with its perfection. We had been looking at the 3-5 footers, which I can say were absolutely pathetic. Hubby had warned me walking up to the tree lot "Remember, we are going for a Charlie Brown tree." Ha, so why did he pick up the 6-7 foot Noble and wave it in my face? I was diligently studying the 3-5's like I was supposed to. I was nowhere near the 6-7's.

So I am now staring at this lovely Noble fir that has water and not much else. Hubby claims that I have to do everything to decorate it, including the lights. My retort is that husbands always do the lights! Always! He is just not going to get out of it that easily. He thinks he is, but hasn't he met me yet?

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