Thursday, December 30, 2004

Under the Boardwalk

Today, in a fit of inspiration, Hubba-hubba suggested we take Mr. Personality to the Balboa Pier. Today was the first day in the past few that we have not had any rain, and rain is forecast for the next few days as well. Mr. Personality was literally bouncing off the walls yesterday, and I knew that if we didn't take him outside somewhere, we were going to have some serious issues.

The Newport Beach/Balboa Peninsula/Lido Isle area is where the people I like to call hyper-rich live. There are no oil rigs a couple miles offshore to mar the views from their 3 story millions of dollars homes like there are further north up the coast. They have an almost straight-on view of Catalina and the water at the South County beaches is clear and beautiful.

So, we tried to walk on the pier, but Mr. Personality was really more interested in the sand and waves below. So, down we went and we all had such a wonderful time collecting sea shells, then promptly throwing the shells into the water, playing with the sand (which is a lovely silky sand, not particularly grainy), running away from the waves lapping up on the shore, and just soaking up the atmosphere.

There is nothing quite like a lovely beach at sunset, with everyone all around you having a good, wholesome time. Now that I am a mother, I am big on wholesome. Hubba-hubba mentioned, while waving his arms in the general direction of everything, that this is why we stay in California and this is why people keep coming and coming.

Wait, forget what I just wrote. The beach was ugly and crowded, freezing, only broken shells, grainy sand that went everywhere, and oh yeah, you couldn't even see the sun setting because of all the smog. I hear Oregon is just lovely this time of year...

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