Thursday, December 16, 2004


While watching a commercial for a Ralph Lauren perfume, I noted how you could see light in between the model's thighs. Then I thought about Desperate Housewives and how you could see literally inches between their thighs also. I tried to think of someone who has completely passed puberty in real life that has thighs that thin and perfect, and I couldn't think of anyone.

Although not totally thrilled with either candidate for The Apprentice II, I think out of the two, Kelly was the appropriate choice.

Again, all the candidates from The Apprentice make me feel like the world's biggest underachiever.

Why does my son dislike meat? I swear I never thought I would be raising a semi-vegetarian.

Is it really true that blood is thicker than water? I say it isn't.

Why is it so much more fun to be outside when it is nice and windy?

I was told that this year my card was the best photo Christmas card that person had ever received.

And on a purely random note:

I will never believe that Barry Bonds, an athelete who is paid millions would rub what he thought was linseed oil or whatever he said he thought it was without verifying what it was. Let's even say that was true, why then was he not surprised when his arms got twice as big? No research has ever been done that shows linseed oil improves arm strength. This guy has been around the majors a long long time, and only recently (read: steroids) has he become the home run king. I place the blame squarely on the incompentent Bud Selig, who took a temporary assignment and turned it into tenure with no one having balls enough to take it away. Baseball needed a shot in the arm (ha ha) since everyone was so disillusioned with it from the strikes, so a blind eye was turned to the performance enhancing drug use. If the drug use created home run races and slugging records, then that was good for baseball. Shame on them.

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Hilarious randomness!