Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Quest Begins

Last year we sent out Christmas cards with a photo of all three of us that I had made at Costco. Such an efficient and economical way to do cards! Just plop a photo in their database, pick your template, write your witty/serious/religious message, wait about 2 hours and you have 50 cards (with envelopes) for 19 bucks or so.

Desperate to match the fairly good photo we had last year, I had two people take pictures of all of us on Thanksgiving. No go. Even with Photoshop, you just can't make the picture look good when 1/3 of the picture is being taken up by a large chair- a shout out to my BIL for messing up that particular series. Hubby didn't really want to do the pics in the first place, and Cutest just was not cooperating in his usual manner. So, I gave up.

Now it hit me today that it is December 4th! I have no picture! My friend told me today that it is impossible to get booked for a semi-professional photo. (Sorry, I just cannot bring myself to call the college/high school students who work at Kiddie Candids professionals. I am sure they mean well, but still.)

So, I am thinking, who the hell wants to see the parents' ugly mugs? Everyone wants to see the baby! Forget about us, just get one of him. So tomorrow, since hubby has the next three days off we are going to try a Santa photo. I know of at least three places we can go. We can just pray that my digital camera can hold its battery charge for longer than its normal 20 seconds and hopefully get a good picture.

Cross your fingers for us, we're going to need all the help we can get.
Or at least let's hope that hubby doesn't get called into court on Tuesday to testify in a case, that will really throw everything out of whack.

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Mel said...

I feel your pain. I shot a roll this week and the kids were so uncooperative. It's hard to get a good shot when you are dealing with four kids. Anyway, I think I'll use a photo I took last summer at Mt. Rainier. I give up. Christmas is coming! ACK!