Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Oh the places we go

Yesterday, Hubba-hubba and I paid my 24 year old cousin 40 bucks so that we could have some time to ourselves. We got very spoiled on our last outing, and have vowed that we will do whatever it takes to go out alone at least once a month. My cousin is very sweet and on winter break from nursing school, so it was a nice fit. I'm not sure what will happen to us when she goes back to school, as I am highly paranoid and refuse to leave Mr. Personality with someone I don't know well.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney since we didn't have a whole lot of time, and parking is free for the first three hours. Now, for those of you that have been to Disney World, the Downtown Disney at Disneyland is much smaller, with much less to do. It is basically a glorified outdoor shopping mall with some expensive restaurants. However, it was close and seemed like a refreshing thing to do.

The first restaurant off the parking lot is ESPN Zone, which has some fairly inexpensive hamburgers on the menu, so in we went since we were quite hungry. The distracted hostess gave us a beeper and told us the wait was 15-20 minutes. We turned around to go up the stairs to the very awesome state of the art arcade, and lo and behold, it was closed. Now this is a very big thing, because that arcade makes them a lot of money, and we were trying to figure out why they would close it off, especially during the busy holiday period. We got to talking to one of the employees (we are not shy people) and it turns out they were hosting the teams playing in this weekend's Rose Bowl, Texas and Michigan.

As we were chatting with the guy, a rather tiny woman and a young girl walked in. The woman, who was as thin as a beanpole and about 5'4" with boots on, saw the arcade was closed and started making a bunch of noise. She said out loud to no one in particular, "Why didn't he tell me it was closed?" The employee we had been talking to offered some assistance. "Well," she said, "I spoke with Orlando and he never told me it was going to be closed. I really would not have made my reservations for 5 if I had known the arcade was closed. I am with my niece from out of town here, and what are we supposed to do?" Judging from her flashy Gucci belt, her Juicy Couture jeans and her cashmere scarf, I figured her sense of entitlement had to be coming from somewhere. Turns out she was a "producer at ESPN" and was telling anyone she could that, "if it was an ESPN event upstairs, then I would go up there." Unfortunately for her, it wasn't an ESPN event, but that didn't stop her from trying to weasel her way up anyway. It was a no go. I looked at her niece, who was nonchalantly holding a Chanel purse that probably cost more than my entire outfit, and I had a hard time feeling sorry for either of them.

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