Monday, December 20, 2004

O Christmas tree

Why oh why did not one person mention that a large Christmas tree and a two year old boy is a bad, bad combination?

If he is not trying to touch the ornaments, he is trying to experiment as to how close he can drive his truck into it, or throwing fake bananas into it, as he did this morning.

I inherited a large amount of glass ornaments, some of them from as far back as the 50's, and my tree is decked out with 99% glass, from glittered golden teardrop shapes to multi-colored swirly icicles. I thought about Mr. Personality for just a second when I decided to use them, but he is pretty well behaved and rarely repeats bad behavior.

Well, he has certainly met his match in this tree. There is something so alluring about it that he literally cannot control himself. He wants to see it move, he wants things to fall off it, he would probably be delighted if he knocked it over.

Life as he knows it would then be over, but it hasn't happened yet. Let's just see if we can get through this year without breaking an ornament. If the tree emerges unscathed, Mr. Personality will have successfully battled his tree-obsession demons, and I can call off the intervention.


Mel said...

We have broken ornaments every year. Luckily (??), they are all cheap things. My tree is looking very raggedly from the middle down because of the cats and the kids. Scary!

Pamela Aaralyn said...

I feel ya girl. Haha! This year we adorned our tree with candy canes, YES, REAL ONES! Our toddler would eat, ohhhh about ten an hour.