Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Mr. Personality

My son is a wonderful little guy, if I do say so myself. People are drawn to him whenever either hubby or I take him anywhere. They smile at him, they stop to watch him if he is doing his usual antics, they talk to him- let's face it, people just love him.

Luckily, he is a people person. He rarely shies away from anyone, I do not ever remember him hiding behind me as I have seen other children do in unfamiliar situations. He takes it all in with those big brown eyes of his, and then usually bubbles over with a comment, or more normally, tries to point something of interest out to the person speaking to him. He is a great observer, and he doesn't want anyone to miss whatever interesting thing he has spotted. He even pointed out the very obvious 60 foot tall Christmas tree to Santa at Disneyland. He just wanted to make sure that Santa hadn't missed it.

So, from now on, my son will be known on this blog as Mr. Personality. I like it, it fits.

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