Monday, December 06, 2004

I Want My Money Back- Now

In an article in last Sunday's Los Angeles Times, I read that Californians pay on average 58 billion dollars more in federal taxes than they receive in services. At first I thought that the billion part was a typo, but to my horror, it was not.

I had been told by hubby that we get back only about 77 cents on every dollar that we pay, but that is a hard number for this extremely math-challenged English major to calculate.

Then, according to the same article, the Republican controlled Congress is fixin' to get even more of our money by disallowing our state income taxes to be deducted off of the federal return. This is ours, and often many others' largest deduction on their federal taxes.

Wait a minute, I thought Republicans were for less taxes, not more. I thought they supported less government intrusion into our incomes.

Oh, but apparently they are all for that unless you live in a "blue state" to whom the rewritten tax code would disproportionately apply. We apparently already fund all kinds of red state perks, and they are looking for us to pony up some more. Just so we can fund some more tobacco subsidies, better roads for the shockingly overpopulated midwest, and especially the guy in Florida who keeps building the same house every few years, under the same building codes, right on the beach. Even John Stossel, who calls himself "the scourge of the liberal media" finds the funding of disaster relief a huge ripoff.

Recently in Southern California it has been suggested, albeit only half-jokingly, that California should become its own country. As the world's sixth largest economy, I actually think we could do just dandy on our own. Then everyone in the US of A would have to come knocking on our door for trade concessions and the like, and we also control the largest port in the US as well. Where can I sign the ballot initiative?

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