Thursday, December 23, 2004

Did I say that my back hurt yesterday?

Well, that was nothing compared to today. After wrapping what seemed like a million presents on the living room floor, my back is in full protest mode.

Hubba-hubba was even nice enough to take Mr. Personality to the park and the library for about two hours so that I could wrap uninterrupted. It still wasn't enough time, even though I cheated and put as many adult presents as I could into gift bags.

Really, Christmas is all about the kids, and I have no problem wrapping their presents because they are so into it when they tear open the paper. Adults are a little different, and my gift bags were brand new and very nice, so there is no shame there.

There seems to be no perfect place to wrap presents in this house. The living room floor requires a lot of bending and sitting on the knees. The kitchen table was a bit too small for some of the presents, and a little on the low side for me to be bending over it. Impossible to cut wrapping paper sitting in a chair. Doubly impossible on the bed, even though it has the requisite square footage.

So, until I get a lifestyle like the Spellings (Tori Spelling from 90210 and her folks) and have a large room devoted entirely to gift wrapping, (amongst, of course the 100 other rooms in the palace they live in) I will just have to make do.


WordsRock said...

Do you mean to say there is shame in using not-brand-new gift bags? Alas and alack! I'm in real trouble then.

btw, I followed a link from Unretouched Photo to arrive here.

Happy holidays to you and yours. :)


Gina said...

Hi Suzanne,

Glad you came and visited! :) Melodee is a great person, and I love her blog! As for the gift bags, in years past I have been desperate enough to use very wrinkled bags, along with the already used tissue paper that came with them, so this year was a real step up for me!

Hope your holiday season is going well also!