Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I have just raided my son's Halloween candy, like all good mothers must do while their kids are asleep. A full-sized Butterfinger was calling my name, so I took it.
This is my first blog entry, so I am thinking that I must write something pithy, something for the ages. Well, I am too tired, so I am writing whatever comes to mind.
I voted for the loser of the presidential election. I am not going to storm the White House or anything like that, but I am disappointed. The Democrats are a bunch of wusses that cannot get their act together. I can say that because I am one. If John Kerry was the best candidate we could come up with, then we probably deserved to lose.
I just hope that the incumbent can fix the mess in Iraq, trim that damn deficit, find a solution for Social Security, create some well-paying jobs, and try to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, or at least reimburse the states for the cost. Ha, it is good to dream, isn't it?
Sometimes I wonder about the world my son was born into, forced into if you want to get technical about it. I can only hope it is not an irreparable mess once he stands to inherit it. But, don't all mothers wish the same thing? If they do, there is hope yet.


Mel said...

A good start! :)

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