Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Say it Ain't So, Suze

I could not believe it when I saw it. She was walking in what looked suspiciously like a new car showroom. She was prattling about interest rates "as low as 0%." She mentioned how great it would be to lock in that same great rate on your next vehicle purchase.

I sat in disbelief. Was this the same Suze Orman who advocated spending less money? Who cautions people to save, save, save? To really think about what you are purchasing and why? Was she really hawking a new GM car loan?

Perhaps Suze should take her own advice and examine the reasons why she took the money from GM to sell their cars. It can't be because she needs it, she has made a fortune on her books and lectures. If she walks the walk, her monetary needs should be fully and totally met.

I think it was completely irresponsible that a person who counsels people on how to use and save money is on television advocating buying a new car. Her credibility with me has completely gone down the tubes.

Perhaps, as my husband pointed out, people occasionally do need new cars, and she was trying to say this was a good deal. I don't care what her reasoning was, I think it was just plain wrong. How can she be an unbiased professional money manager and take money from a major corportation? That is just the same as the stock brokers who recommended certain portfolios since their company had special deals with those companies.

How much money is enough money?

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